Have you ever imagined a Ceiling of Stone, Marble, or Beyond?

Transform any surface, even those you thought impossible, with our Venetian plaster expertise.

Bathrooms with the sleek look of concrete or polished stone, fully waterproof.

Projects starting at just $40/sqft

Craft an exclusive and elegant accent wall in an average of 3 days.

Venetian Plaster

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Waterproof Solutions

for Bathrooms

Embrace the luxury and practicality of waterproof Venetian plaster, perfect for bathroom walls and ceilings. Protect your space against moisture while maintaining a high-end look.


Italian Technique

Master the traditional Italian Venetian plaster techniques with our skilled artisans, ensuring an authentic, luxurious finish.

Exclusive, Personalized Designs

Your vision, our craft. Create environments that reflect your individuality. From subtle textures to bold statements, our Venetian plaster is shaped to complement your personal style.

Odorless Application Process

Transform your interiors without the inconvenience of traditional paint odors. Our Venetian plaster application is odorless, ensuring comfort and peace of mind during the renovation process.

Durability and Longevity

Benefit from finishes that are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding the test of time and maintaining their allure.


Polishing Techniques

Our High Gloss Finish involves meticulous polishing techniques that bring out the depth and richness of the plaster, creating a striking visual effect.

Natural and Eco-friendly Products

Venetian plaster is made from natural lime and marble dust, promoting a healthy, eco-conscious living environment. Its natural composition ensures a sustainable choice without compromising on luxury.

Step 1

Step 6

Step 5

Step 4

Step 3

Step 2

Step 7

Step 8

Cover floors and adjacent areas to protect from spills.
Design & Area
Choose design and select the application area.
Surface Prep
Ensure the surface is clean and smooth.

Apply Primer

Coat the area with a suitable primer for better adhesion.

Plaster Application

Apply Venetian plaster in a minimum of 3 coats, drying between each.


Apply intricate details and effects as per design requirements.

Finish Up

Finalize with polishing for gloss finishes or complete touch-ups for matte looks.

Final Inspection and Clean-Up

Conduct a thorough final inspection and remove all protective coverings.

Are you curious about how our Venetian plaster looks and feels in person?

We bring samples to you, showcasing various finishes and colors.

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Transparent Pricing

Understand Our Pricing Structure

Several essential factors determine these costs, each tailored to meet the unique requirements of your space:

Square Footage: The total area to be covered is the primary cost factor.

Surface Complexity: Curves, angles, and special features on walls or ceilings can influence the final price.

Plaster Type and Finish: Different types of Venetian plaster and finishes, such as matte, high gloss, or textured, can alter the pricing structure.

Color Choices and Effects: Custom colors and special effects add uniqueness but can impact the cost.

Room Functionality: Bathrooms, kitchens, and high-moisture areas may require special waterproofing treatments.

Preparatory Work Required: The initial state of the surfaces can affect the price, depending on the level of preparation needed.

Each project is unique. We provide personalized quotes to ensure that you receive a detailed and accurate estimate reflecting the true scope of your project.

Projects starting at just $40/sqft

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